Teddy Bears Join Visitors at a Healing Field in Arizona

Posted By Mike Padgett

Sept. 11, 2009

TEMPE, Ariz. – A visitor in a Department City of New York (FDNY) t-shirt stops to read the card on one of 3,000 American flags in a Healing Field honoring the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.She stopped at one flag to read about a victim. She continued walking and stopping, then walking and stopping, across the field of healing.

Visitors walked down the rows of flags, stopping occasionally to hold in their hands the yellow ribbons and the cards attached to the flags. On the cards were the names of those who died in the attacks. One little boy pointed to a teddy bear left at the foot of one flag. Some visitors left teddy bears with the flags.

In another row, a man was kneeling before a flag. He placed one hand, then his forehead, on the flag’s pole. He was silent.

A gentle breeze gave life to the flags, creating a green field covered in red, white and blue.

The flags will fly at Tempe Beach Park through Sept. 13. The annual memorial is open to the public. Visit www.healingfield.org for more information.

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Sep 11th, 2009

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