Colliers International’s Phoenix Office Issues Solar Energy Report

Posted By Mike Padgett

Oct. 5, 2009


PHOENIX, Ariz. – Colliers International‘s Phoenix division has published a comprehensive examination of the solar energy industry in Arizona titled, “Solar Energy Network: Partners for Change.” The 40-page report was a unique collaboration between Colliers and more than 25 public and private sector experts and visionaries who are playing a critical role in creating a renewable energy future in Arizona.

The report was compiled by Matt Fitz-Gerald, team leader for Colliers Solar Energy Network in Phoenix.

“Arizona will become the major solar energy hub of the Southwest United States,” Fitz-Gerald said. “Arizona has the business infrastructure, trained and available workforce, economic climate, and tax and investment incentives to attract solar energy companies and provide them with a competitive edge.”

Fitz-Gerald said the Solar Energy Network report illustrates the advantageous cooperation between the public, government, university, nonprofit, and private industry sectors to support renewable energy initiatives and programs.

The overriding theme of the report is that Arizona is poised to become the leader in solar energy. ASU President Michael M. Crow states, “Our success will require a hybrid public-private partnership model and a policy-driven market approach. Comprehensive regional planning must dovetail with sound fiscal policies and strategic investment in infrastructure, all focused on one common objective—positioning Arizona as the epicenter of the solar industry.”

Governor Jan Brewer outlines the state’s initiatives. “The Arizona Department of Commerce Energy Office will utilize a portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act energy funding to launch a public buildings solar initiative and a grant program to demonstrate commercially viable renewable energy and energy efficient products manufactured in Arizona. By continuing to foster a solar industry that will someday become an economic force of great significance, Arizona will diversify its economy, grow green jobs, and better the environment for the citizens of this great State.”

Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), says there are many reasons why Arizona should be a premier solar location. For example:

• Arizona has one of the most aggressive renewable energy standards in the U.S., requiring Arizona’s electric utilities to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025.

• Proximity to California (the world’s fourth largest solar market) and Mexico enables broad distribution capabilities to transport manufactured solar goods and allow for the import and export of renewable energy through transmission.

• ASU is home to the world’s first school of sustainability, as well as renowned solar power and photovoltaic testing laboratories. TÜV Rheinland Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory, in collaboration with Arizona State University, established the premier performance testing and safety certification organization globally for photovoltaic technology.

• The Governor signed Senate Bill 1403, the Renewable Industries Bill in July 2009, to encourage investment in Arizona by renewable energy companies. SB1403 will provide qualified companies with a refundable income tax credit and a reduction in property taxes.

Report contributors from the public and governmental sectors include Arizona Governor Jan Brewer; Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon; Barry Broome of GPEC; Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Kristin Mayes; Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow; Northern Arizona University President John D. Haeger; University of Arizona President Robert N. Shelton; and the Arizona Institute of Renewable Energy at ASU.

Also participating were experts from public utilities and nonprofit renewable energy associations, including Salt River Project; Arizona Public Service; Tucson Electric Power; Science Foundation Arizona Solar Technology Institute; Arizona Economic Resource Organization; and Arizona Solar Energy Association.

Leading renewable energy companies also contributed, including TÜV Rheinland PTL; REC Solar; CarbonFree Technology Corp.; BrightSource Energy; SolFocus; SolarCity; Global Solar Energy; Solon Corp.; and Wilson Electric.

To view or download the Solar Energy Network report on-line, visit For more information, contact Mary Beth Campbell at 602-222-5083 or

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Oct 5th, 2009

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  1. Peggy Hodges said,

    I remember participating in the First Annual Solar Energy Conference in Carefree in the summer of 1974. Hugh Downs were one of the featured speakers. Look at all the years we’ve wasted . . . So glad this industry is finally moving in the right direction.

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