Arizona Notes: Architect Vernon Swaback honored for new book

Posted By Mike Padgett

Nov. 15, 2008

Architect Vernon Swaback of Scottsdale has received a special honor for his latest book, Creating Value – Smart Development and Green Design.

Swaback received the National Association of Real Estate Editors “Silver Award” at the group’s awards dinner in Orlando, Fla. The award was granted through the association’s first annual Robert Bruss Real Estate Book Awards program.

The selection criteria included originality, readability, accuracy, coverage of subject and scholarship. Judges said the book is “thoroughly researched” and that it “breaks new ground in our understanding of creating value with design.”

“With interest in a ‘green’ environment rapidly receiving more and more attention, this book by a well-known architect is must reading for anyone interested in real estate development,” the judges said.

The NAREE book awards are named for Robert Bruss, a syndicated real estate columnist and writer who died in 2007. The annual awards program was created to recognize the work of real estate authors.

In his book, Swaback argues that financial success in real estate development will require design that is smarter, greener and sustainable.

“Creative designers and artists have long been the integrating sources for intuitive leaps that broaden our views of the possible while enriching opportunities for all,” Swaback begins in his book’s preface. “Of all the intuitive arts, architecture is the bridge between the influence and power of nature and the daily provisions for human life.”

Swaback is founding partner of Swaback Partners, a Scottsdale, Ariz., company specializing in architecture, planning, landscape architecture and graphic and interior design. He started his studies at the University of Illinois. Later, he became noted American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s youngest apprentice at Taliesin West in northeast Scottsdale. Wright died in 1959.

Creating Value was published in 2007 by the Urban Land Institute. The book can be purchased through ULI at

Swaback’s other books are Designing the Future, published in 1997; The Custom Home: Dreams, Desire and Design, published in 2001; and The Creative Community: Designing for Life, published in 2003.

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Nov 15th, 2008

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